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- Henry Kenney - Lexington Pet Doors
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Henry Kenney, Owner of Lexington Pet Doors

A Pet Door for the Best Place in Your Home

You no longer have to settle for just a door pet door. Hale Pet Door makes dog doors for every area of your home, so you can take it easy while your pets enjoy the great outdoors.

Through Wall Doggy Doors

Your outside wall can be a great place to install a dog door. When the dogs use a different area for their entrance, it creates a new traffic pattern and keeps them out from underfoot.

With an energy efficient Hale Wall Pet Door, there is a greater space between the double flaps helping your home stay more comfortable with lower energy bills.

Screen Pet Doors

When the weather is nice, you can enjoy the breeze while your dog enjoys her freedom to access your yard with a screen dog door.

Hale Screen Pet Doors are available for all types of screen doors and screen porches. The same soft, clear vinyl flap keeps bugs out of your porch or house.

Classic Door Doggie Doors

If the best place for your dog’s door is your entrance, then a door pet door is your first choice. Hale Pet Doors come in 12 sizes to accommodate the smallest cat to the largest giant dog breed.

Since the inside and outside of your home is already set up to come and go, this classic can be your best choice for your dog door installation.

Panel Inserts and Window Pet Doors

Perhaps your back door is a sliding glass patio door where you would like your pet to come and go. A Hale Panel Pet Door could be just the solution you’re looking for. The custom panel inserts are made just for your door and pet door size, so you get a good, energy efficient fit with the best size for your dog or cat.

The panel insert pet doors come with all the features of the other Hale Pet Door models: security cover, double flaps are available with double pane glass inserts, 4 color options and the same great 5 Year Warranty.

If you have a window that would make the best place for your pet to come and go, Hale Pet Door makes custom window pet doors for both vertical and horizontally sliding windows.

Professional Dog Door Installation Gets You and Your Pet Up and Running

Lexington Pet Door is a Hale Pet Door Certified Installer. For guaranteed satisfaction, call 859-446-4115 today!

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Monday thru Saturday: 7 am to 6 pm by appointment. Other times including 24 hours service may be available if needed.  Please call for availability.